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Energy Bill Passed by Congress bans the incandescent light bulb by 2014

The phase-out of incandescent light is to begin with the 100-watt bulb in 2012 and end in 2014 with the 40-watt bulb. If you use 100-watt bulbs in your garage or front porch or anywhere else you better buy them … Continue reading

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2011 A look back……..

Because of your patronage and support, this has been an amazing year for Horizon Mechanica! We want you to know how grateful we are and wish you and yours joy and progress in the New Year. As we increased our … Continue reading

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Fire Safety Checklist

Choose fire-safe housing that includes automatic fire sprinklers Install interconnected smoke alarms on every level and ensure that they are working at all times. If you don’t know when the battery was replaced, do it today! Date battery replaced______________________ Plan … Continue reading

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Let’s end 2011 and begin 2012 with a focus on SAFETY

Safety at home and Safety for College Students Our college age sons and daughters will immediately recognize Smokey the Bear. They can probably recite his message, “Only you can prevent wildfires”. Watch this you tube clip, it is one of … Continue reading

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