A Month of Detox

Detoxification means both minimizing exposure to toxins and improving your body’s ability to get rid of them.

A well designed human detox program can help purge your liver, colon and kidneys of toxins, boost your energy and help you safely shed pounds. This holistic approach to your health can also be applied to improving the air quality in your home. A well designed healthy home can help reduce allergy symptoms, reduce exposure to colds and flu viruses and bacteria, help you sleep better and boost your immune system. For the next month, implement one of these simple steps each week for a healthy spring cleanse that will benefit you family year round!

Air Purification

Why bother with ineffective room air purifiers? A whole house air purifier is installed on a forced air heating system. There are two excellent choices. The first is the Guardian Air REME+. It is the perfect solution for improving indoor air quality. It proactively sends ionized advanced oxidizers throughout your entire house to destroy pollutants, particulates, microbials, gases and odors in the air and on surfaces.

Another option is the PhotoHydorionization Cell. This cell is also mounted in the ductwork of a forced air heating system. It uses an Advanced Oxidation Process to reduce airborne contaminants in your home. It is far better than a UV light because in addition to reducing contaminants it is very effective on gases, vapors, odors, VOC’s (volitle , viruses and bacteria.
The air is cleansed to safe levels and the ozone level is no greater than forest air or air after a thunderstorm which will give the room fresh, clean sanitized and odor-free air.

Reduce Particulate Count (Dust)

Dust, vacuum, dust, vacuum, dust, vacuum, and at the end of the day your home is still dusty. Dust comes in through windows, doors and on our shoes and clothing. You can reduce incoming dust and clean it out of the air and off furniture and floors.

  • First step: create a no show zone inside your home. Most dirt, pesticides and lead come inside on your shoes. Go barefoot or wear slippers in your home. Keep a mat by your entryway to collect residue.
  • Next step: Use better filtering in the heating and cooling system. Be wary of tightly pleated filters as they may cause havoc with your air conditioning system. The choices for filters range from an Electronic Air Cleaner to High Capacity Pleated filters to the simple fiberglass filter. Better yet, ask your Heating and Air Conditioning Technician for the best choice for your system.
  • Remove the dirt: A central vacuum system is the best for removing dust and dirt particles from your home. The dirt is removed from your home and disposed into a can located in the garage. A central vacuum system can be installed into a finished home. Everyone will breathe easier with less dust and dirt in the air of your home.

Filter your water

Toxins found in water can include fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceutical residues and other chemicals. Invest in a good water filter. A Whole-house Water Filtration system will remove unwanted taste, odor and debris from incoming water.

Breathe better

Once you have reduced the infiltration of dust, dirt, pollen, viruses and bacteria there are a few more things you can do to improve the air quality in your home.
Keep a leafy green plant in every room of your house to help remove toxins from the air. In place of chemical air fresheners, bring in fresh flowers or herbs like sage and rosemary.
Conventional household cleaners are filled with toxins that can increase cancer risk, lead to organ system damage and cause reproductive harm. Buy natural, toxin-free versions.

Protect your family’s health by calling us today so we can help you create the best indoor air environment possible.

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