Colorado Carbon Monoxide Detection Law

Horizon’s Family Safety Offer Whole House Carbon Monoxide Safety Inspection

For $99.00 we will test all gas appliances for Carbon Monoxide (CO), as an added benefit, have your existing CO detector(s) professionally inspected and tested for only $39.00 more.

Whole House Inspection + Test you Detectors for proper operation = $138.00.

Carbon Monoxide Deaths are 100% Preventable!

Every winter you see headlines like “Carbon Monoxide Kills DU Grad Student” or “Faulty Heating Connection Leads to Carbon Monoxide Death of Entire Family”. These two tragic stories could have been prevented if low level carbon monoxide detectors were installed in their homes.

On March 25, 2009, Governor Bill Ritter signed into Law: Colorado House Bill 1091 requiring the installation of carbon monoxide alarms in residential properties. This bill is called the Lofgren and Johnson Families Carbon Monoxide Safety Act. This law takes effect July 1, 2009.

The fact of the matter is that carbon monoxide is a year-round problem. Any fuel burning appliance can cause CO poising. (Water Heaters, Gas Dryers, Gas Furnaces, Gas Boilers, Gas Fireplaces, Barbeque Grills, Gas Fire Pits, Vehicles, Lawn Mowers, etc). Every Home, Office, School or Building should have carbon monoxide alarms installed for safety.

Carbon Monoxide or CO alarms are governed by U.L. 2034 standards, and after reviewing information about this standard it is apparent that not all CO detectors / alarms are created equal. Horizon Mechanical recommends installing Low level CO detector to alert you when there is carbon monoxide present in your home.

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