Fire Safety Checklist

  • Choose fire-safe housing that includes automatic fire sprinklers
  • Install interconnected smoke alarms on every level and ensure that they are working at all times. If you don’t know when the battery was replaced, do it today!
    • Date battery replaced______________________
  • Plan two ways out, no matter where you are – a residence hall, your house or apartment, a restaurant or a movie theater. In a 2 story home, set up a buddy system. Who are you going to lookout for? Also, look out the windows and have 2 escape plans.
    • Buddy plans____________________________
    • Have a location, away from the house where you will meet your roommates.
    • Meeting spot ___________________________
  • If a smoke alarm is being activated needlessly, such as by cooking or steam from a shower, relocate the smoke alarm instead of disabling it.
  • Properly dispose of smoking material by using ashtrays.
  • After parties, check the cushions on couches and chairs to make sure there aren’t any lit cigarettes smoldering.
  • Learn how to use a fire extinguisher BEFORE a fire breaks out.
  • Properly use extension cords and electrical appliances.
  • Do not put aluminum or metal in microwave
  • Make it a house policy, no burning candles – EVER
  • Change the furnace filter every month during the winter.
    • Who is going to check____________________________
    • What date each month will filter be checked _____________
  • Do not crowd the furnace and water heater. Keep all belongings a minimum of 3 feet from the furnace and water heater
  • Check water heater, do not turn the water heater up higher than 120 degrees
    • Date checked _____________by _____________________
  • Clean the dryer lint tray after every load. Have the dryer vent to the outside cleaned yearly.
    • Install a low level Carbon Monoxide Monitor within 15’ of the bedroom doors. A monitor will continually check the CO level in the house. Select a model that will alarm at 15ppm. This low level exposure is unsafe for your health and can have long-term effects.
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