Home Maintenance Tips

The cold weather of January is the best time to look around the inside of your home and make a short list of what maintenance needs to be done this first quarter of 2012.

The area of maintenance we are going to target this month is drains.

  1. Go to each bathroom. Look under the sink for drips. Run the water to make sure that the drains are clear and working well. Flush the toilet. Does it turn off completely when the tank is full?
  2. Check the drain by the furnace. Is there a funky smell in the area? If so, try pouring a quart of water down the drain. This will fill the trap and keep the gases from backing up into your home.
  3. In the kitchen, look under the sink for drips.
    1. Check the dishwasher and make sure you don’t see any water under or around it.
    2. Check the water line going to the ice maker. Be sure it is not dripping and no bulges in the water line.
    3. Look behind the fridge and make sure that there is no water on the floor.

After checking all the indoor water lines, it is time to start a drain maintenance program.

Drains need to be maintained so that they will dispose of water properly through the pipes in your home. Food, hair, soap are just a few of the things that leave residuals in the pipes and eventually block the drains. If you maintain the pipes and keep them clean, you will save yourself time, money and hassle in the future.

Everything we put down a drain through normal use builds up and reduces flow through the pipe. Many people live with slow draining sinks, showers and baths. They often times don’t do anything until it is an emergency and something is overflowing, or the water is not draining. What‘s next? Get the plunger, maybe go to the hardware store and buy a toxic, harsh chemical. The chemicals are dangerous and after using some of it, do you really want to store it at your house? Although the chemical will often times open the pipe, it doesn’t clean it.

We recommend Bio-Clean. It works organically without harsh chemicals. Bio-Clean works better than commercial drain cleaners and it is better for the pipes. Harsh drain cleansers are for problems. Bio-clean is a maintenance program to avoid problems. Start the maintenance on the drains this month. Check our facebook page and our web site for a video showing how to maintain and clean drains. The video will be available on Friday, January 20th.  It will show you areas in the pipes (traps) that can be cleaned. It will also show you how to use Bio-Clean to keep the drains in your home working like new.

All natural Bio Clean works safely and effectively on: sinks, showers, septic systems, dishwashers, garbage disposals, grease traps and garbage disposals.

Call us today. We have Bio-Clean for purchase at our office and we have it on each Service Truck.

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