How to care for your Cherished Possessions

I am so excited! I bought a new suede coat today. I love it! It is chocolate brown, soft and supple.  And did I tell you it fits like a glove. It is the perfect size, length and style. As soon as I got it home, I made sure to read the directions for how to care for it. I spent a bundle on it so I want to make sure I take care of it properly. I want to wear and enjoy it for years.
By the way, did I tell you how much I spent on my new coat? Well, it really was a splurge. I don’t usually go into specialty stores like I did today. Oh, why not. It is ok to spend this much if I am going to take care of it, right? I know it equals about the same amount as I take home in a month.  But, did I mention that I would take very good care of it? I read the instructions, “Professionally Leather Clean Only!” I will not try to care for this beautiful garment myself. That would be silly. Of course I will take it to the cleaners. Not just any cleaners. I can assure you it will be a decent, reliable cleaner. I will not be looking for the dollar cleaners—not for this beauty!

As I think about my new coat, it makes me think about how I care for other things I buy. I work hard for my money. I bet you do too. Maybe we should be applying the same focus on care, upkeep and extended life expectancy on other purchases we make.

Ok, you know where I am going with this. I am, as you know the heating and air conditioning maintenance queen.  So, have you taken time to read the owner’s manual? Do you know what you are risking by not following the manufacture recommended maintenance procedures? You are risking a lot more than the amount of money I spent on my new suede coat. I researched a few manufacture web sites today so that I could bring you the information you need to know.

The following verbiage has been taken from web sites such as Trane, American Standard, Lennox, Carrier and Rheem.

Please note that routine maintenance is required as recommended in the owner’s manual to ensure proper performance of the equipment. Repairs that are required, due to lack of routine maintenance, are not covered by the American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning Extended Warranty Agreement.

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: The following items are required in order for the Products to be covered under this limited warranty:

  • The Products must be properly installed, operated, and maintained by a licensed HVAC service provider in accordance with the Product specifications or installation, operation, and maintenance instructions provided by Company with each Product. Failure to conform to such specifications and/or instructions shall void this limited warranty.
  • Company may request written documentation showing the proper preventative maintenance.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that this appliance is professionally maintained.

As I researched maintenance and its impact on warranty, every manufacturer I found wants proof of professional maintenance in order to ensure the full warranty for the homeowner.

The installed price for a new furnace is at least 5x higher than the cost for my suede coat. I fully intend on taking care of my new coat and maintain its fit, color and look by having it professionally cleaned. What do you own that you take great care of? Do you have a favorite sweater that you always lay flat to dry? Or, how about those sexy knee-high, soft, leather boots that you won’t wear in wet weather and you choose to clean with a soft cloth and store in the box they came in?  Maybe it is time to think of your furnace as something you cherish. It wraps you in a warm hug every time it comes on. It is there for you no matter what your mood.  It even tries to continue working through severe neglect.

If you are in the Denver metro area call us today. We are open 7am-7pm, 7days a week. Our service technicians are not commission-based as is the norm in this industry. You can trust our technician to perform the manufacture recommended maintenance and inform you of the condition and performance of the important components in your furnace.

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