Let’s end 2011 and begin 2012 with a focus on SAFETY

Safety at home and Safety for College Students

Our college age sons and daughters will immediately recognize Smokey the Bear. They can probably recite his message, “Only you can prevent wildfires”. Watch this you tube clip, it is one of the more recent videos of Smokey the Bear.

We taught our children well. They respect the forest. They make sure that campfires are completely extinguished. We did our job as parents, right? Well, not quite. Did you teach your children the importance of having an escape plan from the house if it were to catch on fire? Have you actually removed a smoke detector and showed them how to change the battery? Did you teach them to look at the furnace filter every month and how to change it? NO? It is time to face the facts; we still need to parent our adult children. Teach them about safety within their home. It could save their life.

According to the Daily Campus News:
In 1998, the number of on-campus fires was down to 1,800. In recent years, however, the number of fires has again been increasing; in 2005, the NFPA reported 3,300 on and off-campus fires.

Between 2002 and 2005, 39 students were killed and almost 400 were injured in on-campus fires.

What is not tracked is how many students living off-campus are killed or injured as a result of house fires. Off-campus fires are not categorized as to whether they are students, families, rental, etc. One statistic that is tracked is the higher rate of fires in homes near and around college and universities.

It is typical in a rental home for occupants to remove a smoke detector when it starts chirping. The detector is often disabled and thrown away or tucked into a drawer.  In addition to this the majority of renters are unfamiliar with Carbon Monoxide, where it comes from and what dangers it exposes them to. You may be living in unsafe conditions if you are experiencing some of the following:

  •     Headaches
  •     Trouble focusing
  •     Not feeling well
  •     Confused

Please take a moment this holiday season while your student is home. Talk to them about fire safety.  Follow the attached link to our list of important fire safety topics. Print it, laminate it, and send it with them when they head back to school. Ask them to post it on the refrigerator and go over the information with their roommates.  It may save a life.

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