Make Your Home Cool and Comfortable

All homes in Colorado come with a heating system, however not all of them have central air conditioning. Whether you are adding air conditioning for the first time or replacing your current system, we can help. Air conditioning can keep your home at a comfortable temperature and keep allergens at bay. Do you have seasonal allergies? If so, running your air conditioner during allergy season can help. Air Conditioning can also help you to sleep better because of the cooler temperature inside and by closing the windows you won’t have outdoor noise infiltrating your home.

Did you know that when it comes to air conditioning, bigger is not better? It is even worse than selecting a piece of equipment that is too small. For maximizing your comfort, the reliability of the equipment and ensuring the lowest possible operational cost, we do a complete heat gain calculation, a ductwork calculation and an equipment verification to ensure that the size we install is correct. The work does not stop there because until the equipment is installed, and adjusted to some very specific requirements, you do not get the efficiency that you are paying for. You can over pay by thousands of dollars in utilities over the life of the equipment due to issues with duct leakage, improper airflow settings, and inadequate refrigerant charge . These situations also have an effect on the reliability and the durability of the equipment. So with all of this said, does Horizon go beyond our competition, with our installation processes and procedures? Absolutely!

Allow us to show you how we’re different. Call us at 303-346-3466 for a free on-site proposal and detailed explanation of your options, or click here for a free estimate.

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