Horizon Hearts Charity

Horizon Services will be running our program again this year called Horizon Hearts Charity. We are going to be recognizing our valued customers who have supported us every day, by donating to the Food Bank of the Rockies in their names throughout the year. Last year we donated $340.00 which provided 1,360 meals for people in need. This year our goal is to donate $2000 Did you know that just $1 donated to the Food Bank of the Rockies provides 4 meals? Meeting our goal to donate $2000 will provide 8,000 meals.

Donations from 2014 thank you to all of our customers who participated.

Jack C.
Melissa H.
Valerie R.
Lynda N.
Ed F.
Robert H.
Eleanor B.
Mary K.
Alison K.
James O.
Margaret G.
Bob F.
Marilee M.
Heather P.
Andrea M.
David W.
Mike M.
Mike W

We’re just getting started; these are the customers who have participated in helping us donate to the Food Bank of The Rockies in February.

Maggie W.
Kevin C.

The Horizon team is going to be giving back to the community by volunteering to serve lunch at the Urban Peak Teen Shelter in March 2015.

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Introducing Our New Program: Horizon Hearts Charity

Horizon Mechanical is introducing our new program called Horizon Hearts Charity. We are going to be recognizing our valued customers who have supported us every day, by donating to the Food Bank of the Rockies in their names throughout the year. Last year we donated $1000 and our goal this year is to donate $2000. Did you know that just $1 donated to the Food Bank of the Rockies provides 4 meals? Meeting our goal to donate $2000 will provide 8,000 meals.

Check back throughout the year to see the names of our customers who have helped us raise money to donate and our progress with reaching our goal.

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Indoor Air Quality – Make Your Home Cleaner and Safer

Steps you can take to make the air inside your home cleaner and ultimately – safer

According to the EPA pollutants inside your home can be up to 100 times higher than outdoors. Indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top five environmental risks to public health. There has been an alarming increase in the number of children with severe allergies and asthma. This increase has been linked to increasingly poor indoor air quality.

The American Heart Association has linked poor air quality to heart problems while the American Lung Association lists it as a leading cause of lung cancer. You can find these facts on the EPA web site, American Lung Association and many additional sites. Although this information is readily available it is believed up to 87% of American homeowners are not aware that pollution may be worse inside their homes than outdoors.

You understand the health benefits of clean water yet most people are unaware of or ignore the importance of breathing clean air. There are many things you can do to improve the air quality inside your home. Let’s briefly discuss the 3 most important ways of improving indoor air quality.

1. Source Removal
2. Air Cleaning
3. Increased Ventilation

Source Removal

Pollutants infiltrate your home and take up residency through different pathways into your home. A simple way to reduce the infiltration is to remove shoes before entering your home. Doorway mats are another simple pollutant reduction technique. Minimize the use and storage of harsh cleaner or cleaners with fragrances. Do not idle cars, lawnmowers or other engines in the attached garage. New furniture or carpet typically out-gases harsh chemicals. When you bring new items such as this into your home, open the windows often and for long periods of time. Even as the odor dissipates, the off-gassing continues. A way to remove the off-gassing, (often referred to as volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s) is by having live plants in your home.

Air Cleaning

Air quality is diminished by an excessive volume of particulates, low humidity, and the presence of chemicals, odors, viruses and bacteria. Particulate accumulation can be reduced by installing an upgraded filter in the heating system in your home. Filtering systems are available which will remove particulates down to .001 microns, (about 1/10th the diameter of a human hair). A whole-house humidifier is a practical solution to improving air quality and improving various aspects of your health. In addition to improving the air quality a humidifier can also help to lower your heating costs. Humidified air feels warmer. An air purifier can greatly reduce contaminants from the air. Chemicals, odors, viruses and bacteria have a detrimental effect on your health and the health of your family. Any combination from one of the air cleaning systems to all three will have a great impact on improving the air you breathe inside your home.

Increased Ventilation

Homes today are built much tighter than at any time in US history. This building focus was implemented in the 1970’s and continues to be improved upon every year. The result of the tighter construction is a reduced carbon footprint per square foot. This building focus is great for the environment and your wallet however, it is not so great for your health. In order to reduce the build-up of VOC’s, toxins, viruses and additional air quality robbers it is important to intentionally bring in fresh air.

One effective, low tech way of accomplishing this is to open a few windows in your home and living in Denver, Colorado, we have many days we can do that. It is not always advisable to open windows however, as it can increase your home’s heating and cooling costs. An open window can also aggravate allergies as well, depending on the time of year. A whole-house ventilation system can be installed to bring in fresh air (without the utility penalty) while maintaining the temperature setting, and humidity level of the inside air as well.

As you consider the options available to improve the air quality in your home, please contact us. We are indoor air quality geeks. We want to understand your goals. By asking questions and performing a site assessment we can then list solutions for you, your home and your family. Click here for commercial air quality services.

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It is 2014! Time to plan for a Happy New Year!

Plan and Budget for Appliance: Maintenance, Repair and Possible Replacement

Home appliances break and wear out, homeowners are often surprised, almost as if they expect the equipment to last forever. You don’t want to be that homeowner. Don’t be surprised by unplanned repair costs or replacement costs, plan for these events. It will make your life less stressful to face a replacement or repair when you have planned it into your budget. Business people know equipment wears out. They build it into their yearly budget for replacing furniture in offices and machines in factories. On the other hand, homeowner’s are often surprised when their furnace or water heater fails and they haven’t planned as part of their budget to fix or replace it. As we enter this New Year, make a plan financially to maintain, repair or possibly replace your furnace, air conditioner and/or water heater.

Listed below are the industry standards for how long equipment typically lasts. Every home is different. Length of time equipment will last is affected by: professional maintenance, quality of equipment, installation, and intensity of use. Here in the Denver area, we have a more moderate climate, have all four seasons, etc., so our heating and air conditioning equipment wears more evenly than say a predominately Heating or Cooling climate. Please use this information to assist with evaluating what stage your equipment is at in terms of life expectancy and what your financial exposure is to complete replacement. This list of average life span in years was gathered using different sources, such as from Consumer Reports, Angie’s List, Gregory Karp, Spending Smart and Tribune Newspapers.

Appliance, average span in years

Water heaters, electric, 13-18
Water heaters, gas, 11-16
Air-conditioners, central, 11-22
Boilers, gas, 16-28
Furnaces, gas, 15-22
Heat pumps, 12-20

As you can see, equipment which is maintained professionally will typically last significantly longer than equipment not maintained. We want to be part of your financial team to reduce stress and help you plan for future expenses. We can do that by performing yearly maintenance. The maintenance performed by our Certified, Trained, Professional Technicians will provide you with the information you need to understand how well your equipment is performing according to manufacture specifications. It is our goal to help you fulfill your plans now and into the future. Do you want the equipment to last as long as possible? We can help you. Do you want to reduce operating cost? We can assist you. Do you want to increase your comfort while being environmentally responsible? We can offer the right solutions for your consideration.

We want to be part of your team. Please call us today and we can discuss which option is best for you and your situation.

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A quick introduction from a new Horizon Team Member:

Nick-Zuki-plumberHi I’m Nick, I’m the new Master Plumber at Horizon Mechanical and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’ve been a plumber for 16 years. I come from a family of plumbers, when I was a teenager I would spend the summers helping my grandfather do small plumbing projects. This time taught me important skills like customer service and a good work ethic. I tested for and received my Denver Journeyman’s license in April of 2004 and my Denver Master Plumber’s license in April of 2013. I am very excited to be a part of the Horizon Mechanical family and look forward to providing you with top quality plumbing for your homes. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to call us, and ask for me, I’ll do my best to help, and look forward to speaking with you.

Nick Zukin, Plumbing Division Manager

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Heating and Energy Tips for the Winter

The Fall Season is upon us, 2013 is giving way to a brand new year, and with that comes cooler weather. It might not be top of mind now, but soon your homes heating system will be running full throttle to keep you and your family comfortable. One thing to keep in mind of course is to replace your air filter(s) in your furnace(s).

Maintenance of your homes heating system is also recommended to be performed annually by all manufacturers to ensure safe, efficient operation, as well as helping to avoid unexpected interruptions in service due to a failed component in the system. A maintenance track record has an additional benefit for potential warranty issues, where you could prove your system has been being serviced, if you ever needed to. If you do require service on your homes heating system, if you have a furnace or a boiler (hot water heat), we have experts that can assist you, 7 days a week.

Some energy saving tips for keeping your home warm and comfortable this winter:

a) Remember to inspect your cleanable air filters or replace any disposable air filters in your heating system(s), before the cold weather is upon us to ensure that you do not forget.

b) Service and start up your homes Humidifier, to ensure it is operational when you need it. This could also include needing to reposition any summer to winter damper on the system. As you know it can get pretty dry indoors here in Denver during the winter months, and having the proper humidity level in the home allows you to be more comfortable with a lower temperature setting, than you would otherwise be, at a lower humidity level.

c) Low humidity is also largely responsible for dry itchy skin, and can cause sinus issues such as bloody noses, especially in children and infants.

If you’re in need of heating service or repair contact us today.

Horizon has just completed our Winter Catalog for products and services that we provide for our customers, which includes upgraded air filters, air purifiers, and humidifiers which can be very beneficial during the winter months, and we have made it available for you electronically. Just click the link, enter your information when prompted (this info is used by Horizon only for our records, it is not sold, or given to any third parties), and you’ll receive a Free electronic copy.

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We Love Our Customers – February 2013

We Love Our CustomersWe are consistently striving for excellence in everything we do. Our entire company feels the satisfaction of “mission accomplished” when we receive letters from our clients detailing their experience with Horizon Mechanical.

It was a privilege to work for you and your family, Joan. Thank you for writing to us about your experience.

Here is Joan’s letter:

We can’t speak highly enough about Horizon Mechanical. Our furnace went out sometime between bedtime Sunday and breakfast Monday. We had hoped it would be an easy fix, but when all the DIY tricks failed we decided to call in an expert. Of course it was 6:30pm Monday evening and the temperature was heading into the single digits for an overnight low.

After three calls to “experts” who couldn’t come out until the next day Horizon Mechanical was recommended as a possible resource. Keith answered the call, came out within 30 minutes and assessed the furnace. By the way our furnace is in the crawl space and unless you are less than 4 feet tall you can’t stand up. Dumbest set up I’ve ever seen. Anyway I digress, Keith delivered our options and considering the age of the furnace, somewhere between 15-18 years, we opted to have a new furnace installed.

Keith called Carolyn who was on her way to work out and Carolyn cancelled her workout and was at our house and ordering our new furnace by 9:00pm and she provided us with two space heaters to use during the frigid night. At 8:00am Tuesday morning Keith was back at the house starting to disassemble the old furnace and prepare for the delivery of the new furnace.  At one point during the install there were three fully grown men working on the furnace in that tiny crawl space.

All in all we couldn’t believe that from first phone call to thermostat training only 18 hours has elapsed. Besides being experts in what they do, everyone was courteous, knowledgeable and professional. They also wore booties and put down floor covering to protect our hardwood floors. I can understand why Horizon Mechanical has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Joan S – Littleton






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Who Is Horizon Mechanical?

HorizonColor-DarkTrust, plain and simple we are in the business of trust. We take this seriously and it is at the heart of our business. You, our customers put your trust in us every time you call us to your home and when you refer us to others. How do you “know” we are worthy, reliable and consistent with the trust you put in us? As we begin this New Year, this is a perfect time to share our company: Mission, Values, and Branding Statement with you. The final section is our Value Proposition. It is in our Value Proposition that we have a request of you, our faithful clients. Enjoy the glimpse into our company and please, if you have any comments you would like to share, please post them on our face book page: Horizon Mechanical. www.facebook.com/HorizonMechanicalLLC


To Create and Stage Unique and Memorable “Horizon Experiences” that will leave our Customers, Suppliers and Employees feeling compelled to tell their Family, Friends and Neighbors about their unique experience.


Family is our core value.

We foster individual learning and personal growth

We have created a strong team of independent and unique individuals; interdependent upon each other to delight our customers, in which we consider it a profound honor to serve them.

We create an environment that is mutually beneficial for our customers, our employees and the company, and we realize that we can only be successful in the long run if all three benefit.

We are committed to being honest, dependable and quality minded.

We are consistently striving for excellence in everything we do.

We are committed to strengthening the community and industry in which we live, work and play through associations, partnerships and volunteer activities.

This is who we are and this is what you can expect from Horizon Mechanical!

Branding Statement:

Leading with innovation, excelling through ingenuity, anchored by integrity.

We read and discuss these statements during our weekly meetings. As we strive for excellence in our industry we are also committed to technical expertise and continuing education. Every single technician is enrolled in continuing education classes. We are up to date with codes, best installation practices and technically advanced diagnosis processes.  As a result of our well rounded expertise we can offer you options to help you get the system in your home or office back on track. You will always be empowered to make an educated decision as a result of our processes.

Value Proposition:

Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning for Residential and Light Commercial Clients who: Expect Superior Customer Service from Technically Trained Experts 24 hours a day.

 Now, we have a request of you. Once you have worked with Horizon Mechanical, it is obvious we are not your “average or run-of-the-mill” contractor. We work at a level of trust and integrity second to none. Will you please pass our name on to people you know? Would you like some ideas of whom to share your Horizon Mechanical experience with? Think of the people at work, neighbors, church, schools and of course, your family members. We have been here for 15 years. We want to be here for 15+ years and we need you to succeed. We promise you can TRUST we will provide them the same level of service, expertise, options and reliability we have provided to you, every time.

Happy New Year!  We are looking forward to hearing from you.



Peter Smith – President
Tom Wolvin – General Manager
Jonathan M. – Service Manager
Keith W. – Technical Manager
Don T. – Service Technician
Alex P. – Service Technician
Chris W. – Duct Cleaning Technician and Warehouse Manager
Michelle S. – Office Manager
Carolyn C. – Estimator and Newsletter Author


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Your Home Is Your Castle

CCobosEven Castles need maintenance.

In order to keep your home in tip top condition it is important to perform maintenance tasks each month.  By completing these task we high-light each month and addressing problems before they become expensive repairs, you can be confident you will be keeping your home in  “castle-like” condition.

It’s February. The holidays are over and ornaments have been safely stored. Now it is time for a reality check. Does your home feel and appear cluttered? Well February is the perfect month to get your home in order. By doing this now, you will have time to spend outdoors in the spring and summer enjoying family, friends, and our beautiful Colorado sunshine.  According to the U.S., Department of Energy, one quarter of American’s can’t even park one car in their two-car garages because there’s too much clutter. Marketing research firm Harris Interactive, found that 23 percent of adults incur late-payment fees because they lose bills. Americans had accumulated so much stuff that between 1994 and 2004, demand for self-storage units doubled to about 44,000 units today.

Are you feeling resistant? Do you want to skip this article because it doesn’t pertain to you? Well let’s take a look at what items can become clutter. Look over the following list, can you relate to anything on it?  Think about the areas in your home where things accumulate.

  1. Paper, mail, junk mail, magazines and newspapers
  2. Shelf-stable food, including duplicate spices and expired canned food
  3. Bathroom cabinets containing expired medicine and personal care products no longer being used
  4. Clothing, including clothes that haven’t been worn for years: an American Demographic Society study found that Americans wear the same 20 percent of their wardrobe most of the time.
  5. Craft supplies, including fabric for sewing and quilting
  6. Books
  7. Furniture, including shelves and storage boxes bought with reorganizing in mind
  8. Empty appliance boxes

After you have identified the areas which need to be “de-cluttered”, work on one area at a time and complete the task. Once you have completely cleaned and organized one area you will be ready to move to the next.  You may find it is better for you to take care of your home, one room, one weekend at a time. Others of you may find this task challenging and it may be in your best interest to recruit the help of a friend. Sometimes it is with the input of a friend you can decide which items to keep and which to remove from your home.  You may want to sort the items into: keep, donate and toss piles. Once you determine what you want to keep be sure and put them in a drawer or bin. Please don’t leave them on the counter or table top as it will quickly grow again.

Here are a couple of boundaries to implement in 2013 make your life less “cluttered”.

*       Before buying something ask yourself: Do I really need this?

*       Use the “one in, one out” rule. When you buy something, donate or throw away its predecessor.

*Buy a shirt, remove a shirt: buy a vase, donate one.

Enjoy the process and the results! Take it one step at a time as long as you start, TODAY.

By the way, remember to replace the filter in your furnace this month. See you in April. If you have a home maintenance question, be sure to post it on Face Book. If I don’t know the answer, I will research it and include it in an up coming newsletter.

Take care!


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De-Clutter and Help Others


Especially in these tough economic times, donating your unused items to charity could be a lifesaver for homeless or needy families. If it’s in good condition, your out-of-style or outgrown clothing could keep a family warm during the cold                                   weather months.

Many local charities also accept donations of household items that are in working order. That lamp, toaster or set of dishes gathering dust in the garage could help furnish a home for a needy family.

When you redecorate or remodel, don’t put out-of-style-but-usable home furnishings such as light fixtures, bathroom vanities, and even door knobs in the garbage. Habitat for Humanity ReStores and other organizations will take and re-sell them at a fraction of the cost of new, and the proceeds help build Habitat homes.


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