Pre-Service Checklist

Before you call a professional, these helpful tips could eliminate an unexpected expense and save some frustration.

Disclaimer- Please Do Not attempt to do any troubleshooting or maintenance work yourself if you are uncomfortable or are unfamiliar with proper procedures, as you could be exposed to potentially life threatening levels of electrical power, sharp metal edges, and rotating mechanical devices which could cause personal injury.

  1. Check Power Disconnect Switches – Located at the unit (Furnace power switch looks like a Light Switch and is usually located on the side of the equipment or at the ceiling above the unit).
  2. Check Circuit Breakers – Located in your Main Electrical Panel, usually located on the back or side of your home, or in some cases inside the Garage. These breakers are required by City/County Code to be labeled as to what each one goes to in your home, which is helpful.
  3. Check for Obstructed Airflow – Sometimes caused by relocating furniture in the home, which can block air circulation grills, registers located around the perimeter of your home being closed or maybe it is a plugged Air Filter.
  4. Check for correct settings on your Thermostat – System set to Heat , or Auto and the temperature turned up or down to the proper comfort set-point. Batteries (if your thermostat uses them) replaced?
  5. Ensure that the Furnace access panels are fully reinstalled after filter replacements, as there is a safety switch that if not properly engaged, will prevent equipment from operating properly.

Turn your system to OFF (at the Thermostat) if:

  1. You hear loud metal on metal grinding.
  2. You smell a burning odor.

At this point, after the steps above have been exhausted, it is now time to contact a service professional to investigate the situation further.

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