Tip for March – Take time to care for your plants

Late March, we may have snow on the ground or we may be breaking out the sunscreen. Welcome to springtime in the Rockies! This is the time to care for the plants inside as well as help the outdoor plants, shrubs, trees, etc to encourage a great start for the growing season.

Fertilize houseplants once a month or as directed on the fertilizer label. If you have a plant that is not doing well, try moving it to a new location. Also, if you buy a new plant for your home be sure to keep it separated from the other plants for at least a month. You want to verify the plant and the dirt are not going to spread any disease or bugs to the other plants.

Take time to prune plants in the springtime. Prune out dead wood to shape and renew the plant. Do NOT prune spring flowering plants since you will be cutting off the blooms.
Cut back late flowering plants such as Russian Sage, Blue Mist Spirea and Butterfly Bush to encourage new lush growth. These plants bloom on this year’s growth, so you are doing them a favor by cutting them back now.

Deep water all outdoor plants every 3-4 weeks when the ground is not frozen to help the plans survive if we are experiencing a dry warm spell. You can enjoy the sun while using a soaker hose to water your outdoor plants.

The fact of the matter for Denver is March is our snowiest month. It is nice to feed the birds when the snow covers up their food source. Their food source can be covered up at least a few times during this month.

Get out and enjoy the sunshine on the warm days. On the snowy days, kick back with a warm cup of tea and a book. The snow will pass soon and you will be busy enjoying the beautiful outdoors of Colorado!

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